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Helite e-Bike Fork Sensor Pack

The Helite e-Bike Fork Sensor is an optional extra which is attached to the bike forks and can be used in conjunction with your electronic vest to detect impacts even at 0mph.

Only the Helite e-Bike Fork Sensors are compatible with the components for your Helite electronically activated vest. The fork sensor is an optional extra and does not have to be used in order for your vest to function correctly, but there are some added benefits to using both together. It is highly recommended for road use as the detection of impact time is significantly reduced. It allows detection of more accidents overall including those at low speed and when stationary.

You may choose not to use the fork sensor on the track for example as less accidents happen at low speed and collisions with another vehicle or an obstacle are rare.

The fork sensors do not require charging as they have 5 years autonomy.

It is possible to pair up to five fork sensors with one vest or numerous vests to one fork sensor.

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