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Helite E-GP Air Electronic Track Vest

£695.00 £775.00
The NEW Helite e-GP Air Track Vest has been specially developed for the race track. It combines aerodynamics, the perfect fit and revolutionary wireless technology. The vest is made with highly abrasion resistant materials, integrated front and back body armour protector for a double-turtle effect resulting in added security and protection. Inflation of the airbag is autonomous and activated in less than 0.08s.
Large Airbag Volume: Between 17 and 28L depending on the size of the airbag.
Removable Leather Sliders: On the back of the vest for added protection & durability.
Aerodynamics: The vest adapts to all motorcycle suits (space provided for the hump).
Comfort: Elastic materials, very fitted cut, elastic leather fabric on the sides, neck and shoulders.
Electronic Trigger System –Simple and intuitive wireless, electronically activated airbag system. Battery life: 25 hours (USB charging mechanism).
Practical and Easy: Quick and simple opening even with gloves thanks to the Velcro.

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