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Helite E-Turtle 2 Electronic Airvest - Black

£585.00 £650.00
The Helite e-Turtle 2 incorporates the same iconic design as the Helite Turtle 2, with the added benefit of autonomous inflation of the wireless, electronically activated airbag.

Inflation of the airbag is activated in less than 0.08s. With the use of the optional e-Bike Fork Sensor Pack, full protection can also be achieved even when your bike is stationary e.g. impact from a 3rd party vehicle.

CE certified airbag which is fully inflated in less than 0.08 seconds
Unique design: SASTEC 1621 Level 2 back protector placed on the outside of the air bag.
Battery life: 25 hours (USB charging mechanism).
Inner textile 3D mesh to maintain good air circulation.
Vest-style body-worn protective air bag system.
Adjustable fastenings and Exterior Pocket.
Comfortable, light & allows a full range of body movement.
Soft neoprene collar.
High performance and durable sports fabric.
Retroreflective strips for maximum visibility.
Shower proof & suitable for use over any type of garment.

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