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Helite Equestrian Saddle Strap

The Helite saddle strap – for connecting your key ball lanyard (found on your Airvest) to your saddle. High level of adjustability to fit and adapt to all saddle styles and shapes. The equestrian key ball lanyard & saddle strap is standard across all Helite horse-riding products.

We strongly recommend that you get one saddle strap per saddle and you leave each securely attached at all times.
Keep it away from anything sharp or abrasive that could damage or weaken the strap.

Fitting your Helite Key ball Lanyard and Saddle Strap – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!
Ideally the saddle strap should be fitted to the stirrup bars of the saddle as this is the most robust area.
The closer the lanyard and saddle strap is to your centre of gravity when seated on your horse the better.
Adjust the saddle strap until you reach an optimal length so that that lanyard is only tight when you are stood up.
If the length of the strap is too long the inflation of the airbag jacket could be delayed.

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