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Helite H-MOOV Airbag Backpack

The Airbag Backpack is the latest addition to the Helite Airbag family. Combining the trusted Helite Turtle technology with the added benefit of being able to use as a backpack.

CE certified airbag fully inflated in 0.094s
SASTEC 1621 Level 2 back protector on the outside of the airbag
Detachable backpack section - just use it as an airbag protector
Features pocket and fastenings for a water pouch & straw.
Adjustable fastenings and internal and exterior pockets.
Comfortable & light allowing full range of body movement.
Reflective tape for maximum road visibility.
Shower proof & suitable for use over any type of garment.
Helmet bag attached to the bag for added storage.
Waterproof cover for added waterproof protection.
Reusable design: simply replace the CO2 canister & away you go!
Choice of mechanical or electronic trigger system. Mechanical trigger is not designed for use with a bicycle. Motion sensor designed for on road Motorcyclists. False activation may occur on forest tracks.

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