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Helite Touring 2 Air Jacket - Grey

£660.00 £735.00
A stylish all season motorcycle airbag jacket ideal for commuting or touring riders.

Helite Touring 2 Air Jacket: Key Features
CE certified airbag which is fully inflated in less than 0.094 seconds
Unique design: SASTEC 1621 Level 2 back protector placed on the outside of the air bag.
Visibility: Retroreflective strips on back, chest, sides and arms.
Durable & Technical sports fabric: Premium Cordura 600D and 1000D on elbows and shoulders.
Multiple internal & external pockets.
Waterproof & windproof.
Ventilation: vent zippers on front, back, sleeves and cuffs.
Shoulder and elbow body armour.
Adjustable fastenings, interior and exterior pockets.
Multi directional key ball triggering system.
Thermal, removable lining (100% Polyester) with mesh perfect for summer and winter riding.
Composition: 100% polyester jacket,100% polyurethane airbag.

Each Helite Touring 2 Air Jacket comes fully equipped and ready to use.
Included in the price is 1 x CO2 Canister & 1 X Motorcycle Lanyard.

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