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Helite Turtle 2 Airvest - Black

£495.00 £550.00
The Helite Turtle 2 Airvest merges optimal protection with a stylish design suitable to wear over any equestrian or motorcycle jacket. The NEW retroreflective strips make the rider as visible as possible on the road.

Helite Turtle 2 Airvest: Key Features
CE certified airbag which is fully inflated in less than 0.094 seconds
Unique design: SASTEC 1621 Level 2 back protector placed on the outside of the air bag.
Inner textile 3D mesh to maintain good air circulation.
Vest-style body-worn protective air bag system.
Adjustable fastenings and Exterior Pocket.
Comfortable, light & allows a full range of body movement.
High performance and durable sports fabric.
Retroreflective strips for maximum visibility.
Multi directional triggering system.
Shower proof & suitable for use over any type of garment including race suits.
Composition: 100% polyester vest, 100% polyurethane airbag.
Range of sizes available:
XS, S, M, L, XL (60cc compatible)
LL, XLL (100cc compatible)

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