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Helite Vented Air Jacket - Black / Grey

£615.00 £685.00
The Helite Vented Jacket was specifically developed for riding in warmer weather be it at home during the summer months or whilst travelling abroad. This jacket successfully provides optimal safety whilst maintaining maximum air flow making it an ideal addition to any bike rider’s jacket collection.

CE certified airbag which is fully inflated in less than 0.094 seconds
Unique design: SASTEC 1621 Level 2 back protector placed on the outside of the air bag.
Technical and ventilated textiles: Cordura and Polyamide mesh.
Jacket style body-worn protective air bag system.
Adjustable fastenings and Exterior Pocket.
Comfortable, light & allows a full range of body movement.
Soft neoprene collar and adjustable cuffs.
Shoulder and elbow body armour.
Retroreflective strips and panels for maximum visibility.
Multi directional key ball triggering system.
Composition: 100% polyester jacket, 100% polyurethane airbag.

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