Hybrid Lanyard

This is an alternative spare or replacement motorcycle/equestrian hybrid lanyard. The hybrid offers users more length than the standard lanyards and also the ability to fit onto stirrup bars for equestrian users. Perfect for users that have more than one bike or horse, or for those users switching between the two disciplines.

The Helite hybrid lanyard system uses a multi-directional key-ball trigger – this is a proven and safe system. The lanyard must be fitted correctly in order for the air jacket system to work correctly.
The hybrid lanyard can be used for motorcycle or equestrian use as long as you have a separate key ball integrated into your vest for the lanyard to clip into.

The lanyard/key ball system has approximately a 30kg threshold (on adult vests) before it will inflate therefore it is difficult to activate the vest accidentally.
We strongly recommend that you get one lanyard per motorcycle and you leave each lanyard securely attached to the bike.

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