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Techalogic DC1 Dual Lens Front & Rear Riding Hat Camera

£189.95 £198.95
Techalogic DC-1 dual lens camera
The DC1 is designed as a safety camera specifically for riders. Dual front and back recording provides you with an all-round record of your ride, ideal for safety purposes, perfect for capturing everything around you. Review and share your favourite riding moments and choose footage from the front or rear cameras as desired. Take photos and lockdown important video files with the remote control. Watch and playback footage anywhere, anytime with the free Wi-Fi app.
Includes: Techalogic DC-1 Camera, Wireless Remote Control, Quick-Release Clip, Main Camera Holder, Non-Slip Silicone Ring, USB Charging Cable, Lens Cleaning Cloth, 3 Types of mounts (Cycle Helmet Strap, Helmet Mounts & 3M Stickers, Elasticated Riding Hat Strap), Angle Bracket, app QR Card, even an Allen Key to tighten everything up!
Water and dust resistant (IP65 rated) so can handle whatever you throw at it. The DC-1 is built to last!
Note - SD card is not included.

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